Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery & Aftercare

About one to two weeks after dental braces have been removed, an appointment is made for retainer placement. Sometimes, however, retainers can be fabricated and placed at the braces removal appointment.

Retainers are removable orthodontic appliances which are necessary during the “retention period” of orthodontic treatment. During this stage of treatment, the teeth are relatively unstable and must be retained to provide proper completion of treatment.

The retainer is specifically made for your mouth. During the first six months following the removal of dental braces, it is often necessary for someone to wear the retainer full time. After this period, the retainer may only need to be worn at night, but this time is determined at the orthodontist’s discretion. Once your braces are removed, you should see your regular dentist for a teeth cleaning. Your orthodontist will clean any left-over adhesive off your teeth and the area where the braces were, but it is important to have a thorough oral cleaning after removal.

Teeth whitening also may be considered, since there may be a noticeable difference in color between where the brackets were bonded and the enamel surface. Although you can whiten your teeth with braces in place using gels or tooth pastes, it is recommended that you wait until the dental braces are removed to prevent any mismatches in color or possible damage to the orthodontic components.


Recovery Expectations

Most people have some discomfort after their braces are first put on or when adjusted during treatment. After the braces are on, teeth may become sore and may be tender to biting pressures for a few days. Patients can usually manage this discomfort well with whatever pain medication they might commonly take for a headache. The orthodontist will advise patients and/or their parents what, if any, pain relievers to take. The lips, cheeks and tongue may also become irritated for one to two weeks as they toughen and become accustomed to the surface of the braces.

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